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The MoNkEy is “not famous yet” so stay tuned #art #sketch #sharpie #paintmarker #monkey #tattooflash #cartoon #draw #lancasterpa 

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The Sword Swallower

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Another Glitter painting to enter the world

Why Only Paint One Painting When You Can Paint Four

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Why only paint one painting when you can paint four at the same time.

I find myself walking in circles, paint in one hand, glitter in the other


Cowardly Custards on Vacation

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“Cowardly Custard” on Vacation at ……….

Lancaster Museum of Art

135 N. Lime Street

Lancaster, PA, 17602

June 7 – August 25,

51st Annual Community Art Exhibition 

If You Go Into The Woods

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Watercolor, Glitter, Photo, Mixed Media on Wood and Canvas, 2013

18″ x 24″ x 3″

This little gem is off to a show at the Demuth Museum in Lancaster, PA

The inspiration for the Exhibition was Charles Demuth’s relationship with the landscape.

I gave it the old school try, but added a few tattoo flash type images to keep the tree stumps company


“Only Ed Bishop Can Save Me”

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40″ x 60″, Mixed Media, Glitter, Paint, Junk, English Magazines, Digital Prints, Watercolor paper.

I took a long vacation from my larger paintings and now I have returned.  It feel real good to be back.  The stories have more room to stretch out (visually and intellectually).

The piece is a throw back to my childhood with the reference to the one and only Ed Bishop. I have thought long and hard about the use of memory in my work and find it is staring to dominate the way I paint.

Memory of images and memory of thoughts.  Each time I repeat a memory it changes.  The painting I hope encapsulates these thoughts and those moments.

I realize the only way forward is to look backwards.